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My Mission is to help individual and institutional clients pursue their financial goals by providing independent, unbiased advice. I am committed to continuing to invest in my practice and my education to ensure that my clients have access to the very best tools in money management. Utilizing our Client Contact System, I will provide proactive service that includes detailed Portfolio Reviews. I intend to build twenty high-net-worth relationships per year by forming strategic alliances with professional and earning introductions from my clients.

Greenwich Bay Wealth Management Provides investment management and planning services to successful families, individuals and businesses. It is our mission to improve the investment experience for our clients by removing the emotional barriers to success. We are passionate about creating the optimum balance between living today to the fullest and planning for tomorrow's financial goals.

We serve as the financial coordinator for our clients in an effort to achieve the following 5 objectives:

  1. Grow their wealth
  2. Minimize tax burden
  3. Maximize retirement income
  4. Reserve wealth
  5. Protect their assets